May 20, 2011 § 38 Comments

Dear Pals,

I have been soooo busy recently, I do really apologize for not replying your comments yet (halah..).

Maafkan yaa… *wink…wink…*

Just want to share another “10 sec reading” of Paulo Coelho‘s. For me, it’s a sweet post :)

Hope you enjoy it as well.

Two boys used to go to school together.

One of them had a bad habit of stealing the chocolates from his friend’s bag.

One day he felt guilty about what he was doing… So he wrote a letter as he didn’t have the courage to confess directly.   “I have been stealing your chocolates… I’m sorry for that….”

The other friend smiled reading it, and sent a letter back :

“Don’t worry. I know about it… That’s why I keep chocolates in the same place in my bag…”

Happy Friday, Pals ;)

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